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RNA endowed with both protein coding and noncoding functions is referred to as “dual-function RNA”, “binary-function RNA” or “cncRNA (coding and noncoding RNA, was proposed by Dr. Karuna Sampath and colleagues)”. The discovery of cncRNA led researchers to reconsider the function, evolution and understanding of RNAs. Here, we developed cncRNAdb, a manually curated database of experimentally supported cncRNAs, which aims to provide a resource for efficient manipulation, browsing and analysis of cncRNAs. The current version of cncRNAdb documents about 2,600 manually curated entries of cncRNA functions with experimental evidence, involving more than 2,000 RNAs (including over 1,300 translated ncRNAs and over 600 untranslated mRNAs) across over 20 species. In summary, cncRNAdb provides a user-friendly interface to query and browse detailed information about these cncRNAs and will be of help in integrating, analyzing and predicting cncRNAs, enabling faster structural and functional research of RNA.

Untranslated mRNA

Translated ncRNA


  • All cncRNA entries: 2,598
    • ● Translated ncRNA entries: 1,936
    • ● Untranslated mRNA entries: 662
  • All cncRNAs : 2,002
    • ● Translated ncRNAs: 1,358
    • ● Untranslated mRNAs: 644
  • Species: 21
    • ● Species of translated ncRNA: 18
    • ● Species of untranslated mRNA: 9

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